Forestry Services

Ocolul Silvic Codrii Verzi vinde en-gros si en-detail brazi de Crăciun proveniti din import (Danemarca). Pentru municipiul Pitești livrările se pot face, contra cost, la domiciliul clientului. Telefon: 0785 229 522


OSP Codrii Verzi ’s team has decades of experience in forest management. We also offer this experience and expertise to the needs of private forest owners.

OSP Codrii Verzi provides high-quality forest management services to forest owners who want to get good returns from their forests. The productivity of forestland is best utilized by applying the right treatments at the right time. If the forest owner so wishes, we can plan all the necessary harvesting and silvicultural operations, prepare the site-specific income and cost estimates, and estimate the net stumpage income for coming years as well.

All this services can be taken care of on a turnkey basis after the forest owner signs a Forest Service Agreement with us. The agreement can be tailored to the needs of each forest owner.

OSP Codrii Verzi ’s forest management and utilization are based on sustainable forestry according to FSC Certification.


We take forests and their owners to heart!

Please contact us so we can discuss your needs and together determine the current state of your forest. One contact – and your forest business is in reliable hands.

A well-managed forest is a joy to the owner.

Welcome as our customer!

Services we offer:

  • Forest Guarding;
  • Silvicultural planning;
  • Felling stand planning;
  • Forest marking for harvesting;
  • Site-specific income and cost estimates;
  • Net stumpage income estimates;
  • Requests for bids for timber;
  • Forest road planning and construction;
  • Forest Pest Protection Management;
  • FSC forest Certification for its clients.

Implementation of silvicultural work:

  • Forest regeneration;
  • Tending of seedling stands;
  • Young stand management.

Forest plan maintenance:

    Estate assessments.


Download documents and forms required: